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Our Quality and Environmental Policy

BAROXHBO believes in the power of working hard to provide the most accurate and highest quality products and services to its customers. We are a company that aims to protect the environment, create environmental awareness, and improve customer satisfaction by improving our product and service quality. BAROXHBO, which closely follows current technological developments, organizes awareness trainings to increase environmental performance day by day and strives to create this awareness.

Our Quality and Environmental Policies
» All of our products are recyclable and environmentally friendly.
» In our activities, we care about the health of our employees, suppliers, people in the environment and our users, and we take great care that they are not harmful.
» We take environmental risk assessments under control.
» We evaluate the relevant risks and opportunities and aim to maximize our performance.
» In all our projects, we act with an approach that values people and the environment, in line with the principle of preventing environmental pollution.
» Our most important goal is to continuously increase the quality of our environmentally friendly products and services.
» We comply with all legal requirements regarding Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Environmental Issues.
» We are committed to spreading the environmentally friendly perspective.
» Catching and improving unconditional customer satisfaction in after-sales services is the source of our success.
» We act with the future in mind, and use energy efficiently and economically.
» We support the continuous development of our employees through continuous and effective training.