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About Us

Yaklaşım Makine (BaroxHBO) was established in Istanbul Başakşehir in 2012 and started its commercial activities. Our company produces "HYPERBARIC CHAMBER" and presents its products to both domestic and foreign markets. Since the day it was founded, our company has adopted the principle of gaining the trust of its customers with its products and quality. Product diversity, international standards and the use of advanced technology are proof of our effort to achieve this trust.
Behind the success of our company, there is a management approach that is customer-oriented and aims at efficiency. This approach develops intertwined with the idea of maintaining customer satisfaction unconditionally by developing services and products that meet the needs, and a philosophy based on the principles of trust. Our company is always ready to meet the needs of changing market conditions. We are aware that time is one of the most important factors in business life.
Hyperbaric therapy is a very common treatment method in the world. Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) therapy is the main treatment for life-threatening diseases such as carbon monoxide poisoning and decompression sickness (highlight) and includes central retinal artery occlusion, sudden idiopathic hearing loss, chronic wounds of varying etiology, and avascular bone necrosis, air and gas embolism, cyanide poisoning, acute smoke. MORE Baroxhbo

Baroxhbo and Barox are the Leading Brand in Hyperbaric Manufacturers and briefly "The right address for hyperbaric solutions". You can feel the difference at all details in our products.

Our company, which develops chambers worthy of its name in the sector, offers systems that are produced using environmentally friendly and modern technological opportunities with a quality service understanding. Serving with its experienced staff over 15 years, it has succeeded in becoming a brand in the field of hyperbaric systems. It continues to serve by considering customer satisfaction. The company aims to provide quality service by considering its reputation and adopting the understanding of timely delivery.

Our products;
Recompression chamber,
Decompression chamber,
Transportable hyperbaric Chambers,
Multiplace hyperbaric Chambers,
Monoplace hyperbaric Chambers,
Diving chamber,
Oxygen treatment Chamber,
Luxury hyperbaric,
VIP Hyperbaric,
Pressure vessels for human occupancy

Our hyperbaric chambers, which are environmentally friendly systems, with automatic and manually usage, are one of the preferred products thanks to their 2-year warranty and high security level against accident probability. One of the most advantageous aspects of the product is that it works silently and lowest energy consumption in the sector. It is a system that provides high security and easy use with its safety system and firefighting system in case of emergency. Our chambers intercom systems, which can work up to 10 hours with own battery system, guarantee an efficient communication.

We do our job with seriously.
Perhaps this is the most important reason for our success.
Because we know that pressure and treatment system is very complicated system. Our team works hard to improve themselves every day.
Innovation and continuous developments coming from this philosophy.
Hyperbaric sector is closely related to the innovations and developments and the need always brings our work and we offer our experience and innovation in our products.

Provide solutions, not excuses.
Important thing is to analyze the problems accurately and quickly. We experience in the hyperbaric industry specific approaches to the problem have deliver solutions.

We recognize our responsibilities
Responsibilities that "human life" is precious above all. On this awareness, all team members are doing their job with this responsibly.

Decompression sickness, air and gas embolism, carbon monoxide, cyanide poisoning, acute smoke inhalation, gas gangrene, necrotizing soft tissue infections, crush injuries, compartment syndrome and other acute traumatic ischemia of wound healing delayed states (diabetic and non-diabetic), chronic refractory osteomyelitis, excessive blood loss, radiation necrosis, skin flaps and grafts to hold suspects, thermal burns, brain abscess, anoxic encephalopathy, sudden hearing loss, retinal Arter occlusion, skull bones, sternum and acute osteomyelitis, etc. diseases used in the hyperbaric treatment.
Used in the treatment of Hyperbaric Chambers Custom made pressurized chambers. Turkey is rapidly developing in this market in the world can produce and has become the European standard chamber. Special projects produced with our knowledge.  We are producing all kinds of Hyperbaric Chambers. (Multiplace Chambers, Decompression Chambers, Recompression Chambers, Transportable Compression Rescue Chambers, Research Chambers, Monoplace Chambers and etc.).

  1. Climate control system installed on the top of the chamber inside, for equal flow rate. And used multiple super silent fans.  This will provide fast temperature changing and equal the entire chambers place. Roof design provides more seating place in the chamber.
  2. Silent pressurizing around 47 dB. Covered pipes, big elbows well calculated pipes diameters and well design are providing this silent.
  3. Very modern solutions in Automation system like Membrane buttons, touch screen monitors etc. All indicators on the Automation panel can be seen from the one point depends on the design.
  4. Very low magnetic area because used electronic equipment. This is providing very high-quality CCTV monitoring and communications.
  5. Robust design door lock mechanism because there are used super magnets
  6. High angle windows normal windows visible angle is 1000 but in our system that are 1200
  7. Medical Lock size allows hood changes and robust design with lock mechanism. And working very easily.
  8. Very low-profile control console and completely separated from ante chamber and main chamber. Manuel control valves are very light using. Bibs gas selection valves are securely design (that valves have secure lock).
  9. The new software for precision control of the pressure. This software can calculate the next step but old one is working only real time.
  10. Chamber inside panels are designed for easy access to regulators.


Also, we are following strictly the international standards and directives most common certificates indicated at below. More is available according to client needs.

    • DIN EN 14931:2006 - Pressure vessels for human occupancy
    • EN ISO 13485:2016 Medical devices — Quality management systems
    • EC CE 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive
    • IEC 60601 (Electromagnetic Compatibility of Devices)
    • NFPA99 Requirements Hyperbaric Chamber Fire Protection
    • EN 16081:2011 - Hyperbaric chambers - Specific requirements for fire extinguishing systems - Performance, installation and testing.
    • Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED)