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"Technology used well enough is like magic." Our company offers technological solutions with an approach that cares about comfort and safety in all its projects.

The "Air Conditioning System" in the products manufactured by Baroxhbo provides air conditioning from the ceiling of the chamber. Thus, a faster and more homogeneous air flow is provided. In addition, our company has created a quieter working ventilation system with modern production techniques. Our chambers, with their superior design and performance, have managed to become the focal point of their customers in terms of health.

Our products can be adapted to any language, can produce solutions to every problem and have a software that can meet every expectation. The software system we use has the highest level of features regarding the information and security of our customers. In line with customer expectations, Baroxhbo produces solutions by developing completely special software for them.

The meaning of the word design, which is a word of English origin, is design. Design or design has been defined by Elizabeth Adams Hurwitz succinctly as "the search for what is necessary". For this reason, our company has also attached great importance to design. We have designed a more useful product with a handy, flashy, ergonomic and touch screen. The touch screen is very sensitive and useful. You can view all information about the chamber from the touch screen and you can adjust the chamber pressure.

Health is at the core of our business. In order to achieve a better physical performance, the systems we use make the best oxygen analysis. There are models that can be adapted to many applications, can be mounted on the wall or on the shelf, or are portable. Baroxhbo's new generation, fast measurement, trouble-free and high quality oxygen analyzer has the potential to meet the expectations of its customers and more thanks to its precision in its measurements, which is comfortable to use, durable and works without any malfunctions.

We are aware of the importance of the lighting system we use to make the time you spend in the chamber better. Baroxhbo chambers use a more homogeneous and more powerful lighting produced with new generation technologies. The importance of correctly selected lighting should not be overlooked by customers. In addition, the lighting used in the chamber  is designed to prioritize patient safety during treatment. Our " Chamber Lighting System" is also much longer lasting, high quality, resistant to heat and pressure compared to normal systems. Although it does not harm nature and the environment, it is very economical.

Thanks to the engineering solutions developed in Baroxhbo chambers, a much more efficient and silent piping system has been achieved. We provide a smooth pressurization with the software we have developed. The pipes have been positioned at very precise points on the basis of aesthetics and technology, thus enabling the pressurization to work more effectively and efficiently.